Print Techniques & Finishes :: Litmus Mockups and Prototypes

Once you've decided on a mock-up or prototype, it's time to work out how to bring it life. Firstly, tell us how your brand will be printed commercially. We can either replicate this or use a more cost-effective method (like digital printing), to get the over-all effect. Next, we need to know what material you would like to use. And lastly, we both agree the finishes and effects that will really help your brand stand out.

We will guide you through every step of this process and are happy to experiment with different substrates and finishes to help you get the best results possible. We can even match your brand colours and Pantones across different materials to ensure continuity. This is especially useful if you are considering transitioning to recycled or environmentally friendly materials.

Below you will see icons for each of the 4 printing process that we use, along with the finishes that we offer. All of these processes and techniques are available commercially, so the mock-ups and prototypes that we create for you can also be used as colour and quality targets for future print runs. Click on the icons for more details.