Digital Services :: Litmus Mockups and Prototypes

Brands today communicate across multiple channels, from physical to digital. Having a beautifully branded product that customers want to pick up and take home is no longer enough, and that's why Litmus offer full CGI, 3D render and animation services.

CGI, or Computer Generated Imagery, is a great way to test your ideas digitally, either alongside physical mock-ups, or as an alternative. Physical and digital mock-ups both offer different advantages, but they also complement each other.

Once a computer model of your product is created, it can be "rendered" at any angle, with different lighting - and even be placed in different environments. We can also add condensation, texture and a variety of other effects. 3D product renders are great for advertising (above and below the line), social media and presentations. Litmus can also create entire digital environments, including shop fixtures, shelving and bars.

Below you will see some examples of our 3D render work. Click on any image to see and play with interactive 360° versions of each.