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Litmus creates premium packaging mock-ups, prototypes, colour accurate print and high-end digital visuals and animations.* If you are a brand manager or a creative agency looking to test a new pack design with different finishes (such as foils or varnishes), considering a new pack shape or material, or would like to develop a new structure altogether, we can help.

We are happy to work on a project-by-project basis, but our true strength is brand partnership. Working closely together ensures that your brand DNA is at the heart of everything that we produce. This means accurate colour targets and designs for both physical and digital outputs, from mock-ups and prototypes to realistic CGI renders of brands on shelf for quantitative research. We call this "agile prototyping". It means that we work directly with all of our client's suppliers and agencies to simplify the process and ultimately save money.

Our service is fast, friendly and efficient. As an independent outfit, we are agile and responsive to our client's needs. We are used to tight deadlines and always balance quality with timekeeping.

* There's a lot of jargon associated with what we do, so we compiled a brief glossary of branding, print, mock-up and digital terminology. You can find it HERE

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Bringing a new brand to market, or refreshing the design of a current one, can be a long process with many moving parts: from creative concepts to final designs, testing, consumer research and full commercial production. When a new pack design is almost finalised, mock-ups and prototypes are a great way of testing them out, with different print techniques and finishes, before they hit the shelves. Because all of Litmus's mock-ups are colour accurate and use the same print processes to commercial ones we are able to adapt the artwork we produce for final production, saving time and money. Our artwork can also be used to produce realistic digital assets including full 360° renders, shelf fixtures, end frame shots for advertising and beautiful animations. So whilst we can't create new design concepts for you Litmus can provide a truly end to end service once your designs are ready - from mock-up to final commercial artwork.

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We started life as a commercial artwork production company 38 years ago, transitioning to a premium mock-up and prototype makers in 2012 and rebranding as Litmus in 2014.

Our commercial artwork background has equipped us with a comprehensive knowledge of print and reprographics. This is essential for producing colour accurate mock-ups and prototypes for products that will one day be printed commercially; Litmus considers the whole brand journey from design concept to artwork, mock-ups, print production and digital assets. We have a deep appreciation and respect for branding and enjoy working with both brand owners and creative agencies alike.

Our staff have combined reprographic experience of over 150 years in the industry. But that doesn't mean that we rest on our laurels. At Litmus we always keep abreast of new technology and innovations in print, materials and finishes. Our aim is to provide our customers with the best, most cost-effective solutions, often combining cutting-edge technology with traditional techniques.

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For us sustainability is a key focus and we've created a system called the Litmus Test, to help measure the environmental impact of our clients' packaging and the implications (logistical, visual and monetary) of transitioning to more sustainable materials. We continually research the latest innovations in prototyping, materials and digital technology and are quick to adopt new processes that make what we do more efficient and environmentally friendly. Sometimes this can also mean returning to more traditional methods. When it comes to sustainability, we leave no stone unturned.

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