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At Litmus we create premium packaging mock-ups, prototypes, high-end 3D digital visuals and animated CGI renders.* If your brand would like to test a new pack design with different finishes (such as foils or varnishes), is considering a new pack shape or material, or you would like to develop a new structure altogether, we can help.

Litmus are happy to work on a project by project basis, but our true strength is brand partnership. Working closely together ensures that your brand DNA is at the heart of everything that we produce. This means accurate colour targets and designs for both physical and digital outputs, from mock-ups and prototypes to realistic CGI renders of brands on shelf for quantitative research. We call this "agile prototyping". It means that we work directly with all of our client's suppliers and agencies (from design companies to print suppliers and research agencies) to ensure consistency. It also simplifies the process and ultimately saves money.

Our service is fast, friendly and efficient. As an independent outfit, we are agile and responsive to our client's needs. We are used to tight deadlines and always balance quality with time-keeping, delivering most of our mock-up projects within 3 days.

Our core services fall into 4 key categories, you can find simple but detailed information about each below.

* There's a lot of jargon associated with what we do, so we compiled a brief glossary of branding, print, mock-up and digital terminology. You can find it HERE

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