Meet The Team :: Litmus Mockups and Prototypes
  • The boss, tech guru, spread sheet junkie, family man, boxing enthusiast.

    Gareth Hartley

    Managing Director
  • Director of socialising and smooth talking, adopted northerner, mock-up OG, tattoo collector, sneaker addict.

    Jay Shrubsole

    Sales Director
  • Production head honcho, litho-digi-silk-man, spinner of many plates, cycling enthusiast, likes his coffee black like his metal.

    Adam Pipes

    Production Manager
  • Sales and accounts black belt, Yorkshire and proud, rum lover, challenge embracer, travel queen.

    Leanne Toker

    Client Services & Administration Manager
  • Seller of mock-ups, more rabbit than Sainsbury's, company joker, Man U fan (unlucky for him).

    Kingsley Allen

    New Business Development
  • Sales and admin extraordinaire, social animal, meme queen, cool hair curator.

    Nicky Symons

    Client Services & Administration
  • People person, gym bunny, keen cyclist, Greek food fan, dog lover.

    Vicky Bilton

    Client Services & Administration
  • Print and production Whizz, Leeds United fan, rambling enthusiast.

    Jamie Wilby

    Digital Print & Production Operative
  • Production perfectionist, eagle-eyed double checker, house plant collector, gin fanatic, book worm.

    Maria Moodie

    Production Operative
  • Production tactician, precision king, resourceful, Irish whiskey devotee, pop punk player.

    Jae Wrigglesworth

    Production Supervisor
  • Production info gatherer, technical consultant, alcohol research analyst, Xbox enthusiast.

    Ollie Elliott

    Digital Print & Production Operative
  • Production devotee, bike fan, fine art painter, happy camper.

    Nadine Jones

    Production Operative
  • Studio aficionado, creative thinker, music buff, sport lover.

    Tom Sharp

    Artwork Services
  • Studio chieftain, Litmus original, artwork legend, innovator, family man.

    Lewis Hampson

    Studio Manager
  • Visualising overlord, meticulous detail obsessive, outgoing, creative, methodical.

    John Bennett

    3D & CGI Services
  • 12 Colour Eddie, Human Pantone Book, Litho Legend, Golf Lover, Bradford City has another fan

    Eddie Morris

    Print Room Supervisor
  • Loves working with figures, violet gin obsessive, remote campsite caravan fan.

    Joanne Franks

  • Silk screen idol, comedy writer, music buff, Robin (with Hull KR not Batman…)

    Neil Mawer

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