Do you want to touch, feel, and experience your packaging ideas and see your visions come to life? Are you wondering what textures, materials and finishes to use? There is no better way to grasp a new product or packaging idea than by physically having it in your hands.

The Litmus studio is fully equipped to deal with all types of printing – from digital to lithographic – and our work is complemented by our finishes. We can offer you complete flexibility in materials, a wide range of products, high quality finishes and a whole range of creative skills!


Wrap these around your product. We have a wide range of materials to choose from including metallic, white, clear OPP or even holographic. We can mock fill or leave open. These can be laminated with gloss or matt and there is also an option of overprinting spot varnishes. For longer runs a lithographic vanish can be applied on our wetproof press.


  • Multipack mock-up
  • Confectionary bag mock-up
  • Crisp bag mock-up
  • Biscuits pack mock-up
  • Chocolate bar mock-up
  • Crackers pack mock-up
  • Nuts pack mock-up
  • Salad bag mock-up
  • Wipes pack mock-up
  • Hardware pack mock-up
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We make a variety of bags, pouches, pillow packs, doy pouch/bags, quad bags – in fact any bag you like!  Choose from clear, silver, white, even iridescent OPP or LDPE in white or clear. Then select the finish from matt, satin or gloss, with an option of a lithographic varnish or a spot varnish applied on our wetproof press. Add a seal, zip lock or any fastening you prefer. Made up ready for you to fill or dummy filled as if they have just come off the shelf.


  • Quad bag mock-up
  • Bread bag mock-up
  • Nappy bag mock-up
  • Toilet roll bag mock-up
  • Freezer bag mock-up
  • Compost bag mock-up
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Carton Mockups

We have many carton boards, assorted brands, weights and finishes.  We can cut and crease, supplying them flat for ease or fixed into shape – whatever works best for you.

Select from white, premium virgin, recycled or brown back boards. Metallic options include Metpol, Premium coloured Mirri, holographic, or rainbow finish Mirri board. PET and PVC are great for gift concept packaging. Refer to our finishes page for additional varnishes or embosses.


  • Luxury packaging mock-up
  • Jumbo mock-up
  • Swing ticket
  • Blister Pack mock-up
  • Blister card mock-up
  • POB Paper over board
  • Cardboard tube mock-up
  • Cigarette pack mock-up
  • Paper bag mock-up
  • Consumer electronics
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Sleeves slide right on to your product and are produced on a wide range of materials, from clear acetate, white or recycled to metallic board. Let our specialist equipment create unique effects combining digital, screen, or enhanced finishes.

Sleeves can be laminated if required, with either matt, semi matt or gloss, with options of spot varnishes and lithographic varnishes too.

Refer to our finishes page for additional varnishes or embosses.


  • Drinks bottle sleeve mock-up
  • Tin sleeve mock-up
  • Moulded tray sleeve
  • Cosmetic sleeve mock-up
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Choose your label material, then decide how you want them to look. Can be kiss-cut and supplied flat on a sheet or applied to your product – whatever suits! There is a vast range of materials for labels, including white, metallic, clear, foil or holographic. If you provide us with your specifications we can source your specialist papers from a vast range of suppliers: Laminates for gloss, soft touch, matt and many more. Please see our finishes page for more information.


  • Tub mock-up
  • Tin mock-up
  • Jar mock-up
  • Label Wrap
  • Tray lid film
  • Pot lid film
  • Foil lid
  • Spirit bottle label
  • Cosmetics mock-up
  • Laundry mock-up
  • Personal care label mock-up
  • PET/PVC boxes lid
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We can add metallic inks and a variety of finishes, including spot matt and gloss to enhance the look and feel of your sachet or pouch. If fixings are needed, you can supply or we can source to ensure the finished result is as close to manufacturing as can be. Materials used vary from white, metallic, clear OPP, white or clear LDPE and Foil/OPP liquid pack substrate. Laminated with gloss, soft touch, matt and many more. Please see our finishes page for more information.


  • Doy pouch mock-up
  • Drinks Pouch mock-up
  • Laundry pouch mock-up
  • Sports drink mock-up
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Shrink sleeves consist of a printed film that is molded using heat to the shape of your packaging structure. We can print and apply shrink material to clear/opaque plastic bottles, aluminum cans, or any other hard product packaging. With our white inks we can back up areas and leave others clear for effective results. These sleeves can be applied to cans, bottles, aerosols, tubs and many complex shapes, using high shrink factor material in either white or clear.  Options to overprint with either spot or flood varnishes on our lithographic wetproof press.


  • Bottle mock-ups
  • Trigger spray mock-ups
  • Personal care mock-ups
  • Can mock-ups
  • Aerosol mock-ups
  • Multi product shrink wrap for example tins.
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From corrugated displays, transit cases, shelf ready packaging, Point of Sale, Trays Fitments, or even giant or supersized mock-ups. With our equipment we can produce flexographic screen replication, lamination and post print mounting. Your artwork can be printed directly onto corrugated board, making them look sharp and crisp. There are a wide range of material options and fluted grades to select from. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements. Many additional finishes are available. See our finishes page for more information.


  • SRP Shelf ready packaging mock-up
  • Transit case mock-up
  • POS Point of sale
  • FSDU Floor standing display unit mock-ups
  • White goods primary packaging
  • White goods secondary packaging
  • Jumbo mock-ups
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