How to get the most out of your trade samples

How to get the most out of your trade samples
12th June 2017 Melanie

Trade shows are an important time to stand out against the competition. It is therefore imperative that your product design is on point and Trade Samples are a must!

The best way to do this is to pick out the perfect packaging for your trade show samples, but you will not be the only business making sure this is the case. That’s why we are making it our business to help you along the way.

Your product is, of course, the most important part of your presence at a trade show. But the high competition at these events also means that rather than focusing on simply getting noticed, you need to pull you attention towards creating something memorable.

Why are trade shows important?

When attending trade shows, it is important that you prepare in advance and know your goals before you get there, in order to make the most of their benefits and avoid risks. Trade shows are a great way to network with others in your industry, enhance your offline marketing strategy and show off your product to new viewers. Some of the greatest benefits of being well-prepared for a trade show are:

  • Targeting business leads – When you have a strategy and clear goals in place, a trade show can be the perfect opportunity to increase your audience and your networking circle. High business leads attend trade shows because they are passionate and motivated to find products they are interested in. You could be that one.
  • Learn what is working and what is not – Trade shows are a great time to learn what works well with your product or service, and what does not. You will not only learn by viewing other business’ approaches but also by listening to feedback given to you by others.
  • Strengthening your brand and goal – Trade shows provide you with the perfect opportunity to strengthen your offline marketing strategy. Branding is perhaps the most important aspect of any new business, and this is your time to improve it. Trade shows are a great time for you to tell your industry how serious you are, and how much your product could be a hit.

Simple tips for designing great trade samples;

  • Have clear contact details – Of course, it is common sense to take plenty of business cards and brochures along with your products to a trade show. However, one thing that is increasingly becoming favoured in today’s markets is having your contact information on your trade sample packaging. This includes contact number, website and social media channels and really helps attendees learn more about you, your brand and how to get in touch should they want to. 
  • Show off everything – Your product needs to be seen and acknowledged in your industry. Don’t waste time solely focusing in fancy logos and product descriptions. Ensure you are really showing them all there is to your product itself.
  • Consistency is key – Quirky and unique packaging is appealing to most, however, something that always scores highly in today’s market is consistency. Make sure your packaging and branding overall really relate to your business goals.
  • Make it memorable – Discover what it is about your brand that makes you stand out from your competition and make that very clear to others. This paired with memorable logos and design are the perfect combination to separate you from others in the industry.

We know that designing the packaging for a product you have worked hard on for a long time can be daunting. But that’s why we are here to help you along the way. Our expertise can assist you in creating the best packaging available, and get to testing it at the next big trade show!

Contact Litmus Mockups, we would be happy to answer all your queries and provide you with a free quote today.