Conceptual Prototyping – Mockups

Conceptual Prototyping – Mockups
1st June 2017 Kingsley

Conceptual prototypes are also known as mockups. They are created using modern technologies such as 3D printing and represent a brands vision when it comes to creating products for the market.

These prototypes really bring ideas to life, and are made from durable materials. Though perhaps lacking some of the functional characteristics that will come with the final product, concept prototypes are a good way to see your product in reality and a good way to conduct market research before producing your product on a mass scale.

Conceptual prototypes are usually built in the very early stages of product development, when you want to test your brands ideas and see what works and what does not. Usually, the goal of a mockup product is to gain funding for a business venture or be used as a prop for researching the potential success of a product. Concept prototypes are available in a vast range of colours, patterns and finishes. They can be produced in a variety of materials depending on the kind of mockup you are aiming to create. Creating mockups can often be very challenging as the brand owner is usually using the service as they are unsure exactly what they want. This is also the exciting part of producing mockup products, not only are we helping brand owners’ visions come to life, but we are also helping them tweak and change the product along the way to create the best possible version of their idea.

It is important that individuals who are looking to start a new business take such stages seriously when introducing new and exciting products to the market, as it enables them to get a good idea of what works and how to improve before the final implementation. The scope of a mockup will differ from project to project, dependent on the circumstances and goals of each one.

Here at Litmus Mockups we would be delighted to help you with the realisation of your products and assist you in testing the usability and potential success of your new business venture. We have many different options to suit all time frames, budgets and wishes. If you would like to know more about the services we offer, please do not hesitate to get in touch today we look forward to hearing from you!