Sweet Packaging Mock-Ups, a right treat!

Sweet Packaging Mock-Ups, a right treat!
11th May 2017 sophie

When designing sweet packaging for treats the competition is high. With an increasing number of brands having a well-known or memorable design, it is more important than ever to be clever about yours.

Here at Litmus, we are able to use our branding expertise alongside our innovative digital printing to create eye-catching designs for your confectionary flow wraps and packaging. This means that we can cater for everything from chocolate bars, to pet food.

Our extensive use of these kinds of packaging means that we have a great idea of what really works, and what does not. We are therefore able to advise brand owners on the best kind packaging for their product, and to quickly create a conceptual prototype for testing.

Once you have tested your prototype flow wraps with market research, we are there for all of your re-design needs. Whether this be small tweaks to the initial design or a whole re-do, we are here to provide advice and get the job done.

The types of flow wraps that we can create include foil, white and clear. We can also produce these prototypes in any number, whether you need one or one thousand, we always have a cost-effective solution for everyone’s budget.

At Litmus, we have many years of experience in digital printing and like to think that we are doing a pretty good job in perfecting the process. Despite many believing that the perfect product can only be achieved with more traditional printing methods, we are confident that we create quality and effective products without fuss, on time and within budget.