Packaging Mock-Ups are the way to go

Packaging Mock-Ups are the way to go
7th May 2017 Melanie

Packaging Mock-Ups are not only a way for brands to physically see their designs come to life, but they’re also a way to help you perfect your packaging.

If you want to ensure that your branding on a product is as effective as you envision, you definitely need to try mock-ups!

Good product packaging needs to be eye-catching in design, effective in use and, also, engaging with the customer. No matter where the inspiration for your design came from, all clever brand owners know that to heighten your chances in today’s competitive market, you need to design the perfect packaging that fits your niche. All kinds of materials can be experimented with when creating mock-ups, and choosing the most suitable one for your product is of equal importance to communicating your brand values. When collaborating with Litmus Mock-Ups, you can be sure that your product packaging will fulfil the functional needs, whilst also keeping it safe and sturdy in transit. When choosing Litmus Mock-Ups, you can always be sure that your ideas and designs are safe in our hands. We take client confidentiality very seriously and consider it during every step of the creative process.

Digital printing paired with our unique range of finishes enables brand owners to create their own prototype packaging quickly and without breaking the bank. This process will allow you to get a good understanding of how your product will look, before investing in mass production. Moreover, it will also allow good brand managers to carry out effective market research, allowing them to easily gain access to improvement ideas and to overall perfect their branding.

Some companies go as far as re-styling their packaging 10 to 15 times to achieve the perfect product, realising how many areas of the design can be improved when working with a physical prototype from the beginning. It is these brand owners who most often go on to succeed when putting their products into the market, as their packaging is well-thought out and has evolved over time into simply great packaging.

Here at Litmus Mock-ups we create prototypes at an effective cost and without fuss. We are sent company artwork, which we then digitally print, finish, and watch your ideas come to life. Digital printing is an innovative and efficient way to create mock-ups, as it is inexpensive and yet does not compromise on quality. Digital printing allows us to create the packaging, help the company assess them, carry out research and analyse them in a fairly short space of time. We can then re-design and re-print every time amendments are made, up until you are happy with the final product.

Without using mock-ups, many companies go out into the market with very little idea of how successful or efficient their packaging may be, as its importance is often overlooked. Those who invest time into creating perfect packaging often see positive results much quicker and in greater quantities. Here at Litmus Mock-ups we strive for delight with every product, and love being a part of your brand’s journey!