The Test of Time – Sustainable Packaging

The Test of Time – Sustainable Packaging
3rd April 2017 Kingsley
Sustainable Packaging

Ever wondered what goes on when major brands revamp their packaging?

Well it may surprise you that this happens all the time and one example would be Coca Cola who are really committed to reducing their carbon footprint across their range of packaging.

Mockups are an essential part of the design process for any major brand, and by working with someone like Litmus they can really see how their products may sit on the shelf before going into mass production. They can touch it, feel it and evaluate how it may perform when it goes into manufacture

Our packaging specialists have an extensive and reputable track record and the expertise to create your perfect mockup. We are proud to have worked with some excellent clients over time, including the likes of GSK, Unilever and Philips. Packaging is essential to our business and for people to be able to enjoy our drinks. We know that packaging accounts for around half of our carbon footprint as a business – so to make a difference we always look to make it as sustainable as possible. – Coca Cola